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Christmas Tree Care

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Christmas tree care is an important thing, especially if you are an early bird who needs to make the tree last long!

Here are the steps to care for your Christmas tree from TreeMob:

Step 1

Choose a spot away from heat to ensure the tree lasts longer. Heat causes the moisture to leave the tree quicker, resulting in its branches drying out.

Step 2

For best results, cut the bottom of the tree truck one inch from the bottom so the cut is as fresh as possible to drink water. If you order your tree from us, it will be cut the morning of your delivery, so no need for this step!

Step 3

Water immediately after putting the tree in the stand. Water your tree with tap water only and then remove the twine from the tree so the branches can relax.

Step 4

Check the water level daily to make sure that the very bottom of the truck stays submerged in water. If it dries out, the trunk will likely stop drinking water and will dry out sooner.

Enjoy your Christmas tree!

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